Croatia & Greece RoadTrip


Get into the heart of old world culture as you travel from Greece to Croatia (or Croatia to Greece). Visit ancient ruins, cliff top monasteries, stunning beaches and communist relics on your road trip through Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia.


  • 6 days off the beaten path with your expert guides
  • 5 nights’ accommodation in air-conditioned, shared rooms (private upgrades available)
  • Free day in Saranda with opportunity to take day trips to Corfu or Roman ruin Butrint
  • Your friendly Med Experience guide
  • Entry ticket and professional guide in Delphi
  • Guided tours of Albania’s best treasures like capital city Tirana and mountaintop fortress Berat.
  • Explore Montenegro’s famous Kotor Bay.
  • Link up perfectly with our Croatia Sailing and Greek Islands tours



Of all the former communist capitals of Eastern Europe, Tirana feels most like a step into a time machine. Tour the perfectly preserved promenade, learn about the country’s fascinating recent history and walk through the old communist housing blocks to get an idea of what life used to be like.


This massive Ioanian Island is just a short ferry ride from Saranda – perfect for a day trip during your free day. Hire a car and take a tour to the islands best beaches, explore the old fortress or have a splash at one of the massive water parks.


Originally built to escape Ottoman occupation, these six remote cliff top monasteries look like something out of a children’s fairytale. Centuries ago the only way to reach the top was by a rope and pulley system, but you’ll have a slightly easier time using stairs carved into the stone pillars.


The Greeks believed this to be the centre of the world and built a massive temple to Apollo to commemorate it. Inside lived the Oracle at Delphi. Leaders from the world over would flock to hear the wisdom this ancient fortune teller. Spend two hours exploring one of the greatest Greek ruins with your expert local guide.


Explore the battlegrounds of Thermopylae, home to one of the most famous military battles in history and recently made famous by Hollywood’s “300.” See the geography that the 300 Spartan soldiers used to their advantage, get your photo taken with the statue of Leonidas, and scream at the top of your lungs, “This! Is! Sparta!”


Take a cable car high above the city, walk the perfectly preserved city walls, watch the sunset on the cliff side as you sip on a cocktail, then try some Croatian cuisine (Dubrovnik has some of the best restaurants on the coast). End your night at our exclusive Med Experience Live Night, where you’ll party to a live band along with passengers from our sister companies, Balkan Road Trip and Sail Croatia.


Hike up the iconic Acropolis, see the changing of the guard in Syntagna Square, watch a film in one of Athens’ famous open-air cinemas and chow down on the best-value fast food in the world: a €2.50 gyros.


This UNESCO-protected village features a distinctly Ottoman-Turkish flavour of the east in the heart of Albania. Very few travellers or tourists go to Albania so enjoy the authentic experience while you still can!.


This bustling seaside city straddles the border of Albania and Greece and has so much to see, we’ve given you two nights here. Peer out onto the silhouette of Corfu and have a dinner and drinks by the seaside. On your free day, either take our excursion to beautifully preserved Roman ruin of Butrint or hop a ferry for a day trip to nearby Corfu.

Athens To Dubrovnik

Sunday: Athens – Delphi – Kalambaka

Meet your tour leaders at 7:30am in the lobby of the Athens International Hostel and start your journey from Croatia to Greece, discovering remote Greek villages as you traverse the winding roads and mountains on your way to the Oracle at Delphi. Once you arrive, an expert Greek historian will guide you through history and the ruins for two hours. Climb back on board the coach and make your way to Kalambaka, the village that sits tucked just underneath the six monasteries of Meteora.

Monday:Kalambaka – Meteora – Saranda

Rise and shine for a beautiful view of Meteora. Your Med Experience tour manager will give you pointers for the best monastery to visit and give you plenty of time to snap photos. Next stop: Albania, where you’ll arrive to the beautiful port city of Saranda for the evening.


You’ve got a full day to explore this seaside town, and we’re sure to give you plenty of options. First, we’ll be happy to give you a lift to the port where you can catch a ferry to Corfu for a day trip. Second, hop on board the bus with your Med Experience guide and we’ll take you to historic Butrint, and ancient Roman ruin just 20 kilometres outside of Saranda.

Wednesday: Saranda - Berat

The tour continues to make its way north through Albania as you continue your trek from Greece to Croatia. Explore the citadel of Berat (entry €3 - payable locally), a UNESCO-listed fortress high above the small Albanian village. In the evening, explore Berat and take advantage of some delicious, traditional Albanian food.

Thursday: Berat - Tirana

Depart Tirana in the morning and make your way to the capital city of Tirana. You will have the whole night to sample the bars, clubs and nightspots in this up-and-coming city - a real taste of the Balkans!

Friday:Tirana - Kotor - Dubrovnik

We plan to arrive into Dubrovnik at around 7pm, but this can vary depending on traffic and lines at the Montenegro and Croatia border crossings. Please note that overnight accommodation in Dubrovnik is not included.

Dubrovnik To Athens

Saturday:Dubrovnik – Kotor - Tirana

Our tour starts in Dubrovnik at 9am and we head straight for the nearby border with Montenegro. Stunning mountains, fjords and beaches run from one end of the coastline to the other and the Road Trip stops in Kotor, a must-see town on the way to Albania. Kotor's impressive city walls and indented bay make it a great place for an explore or a quick swim. After lunch and a beer or two, it’s onward to Albania and its colourful capital, Tirana. Tirana's prices are low, the nightlife is buzzing and Saturday night is the right time to be there to experience the clubs, pubs and bars!

Sunday:Tirana – Berat

Years ago, the mayor of Tirana decided the city looked too drab and arranged for hundreds of buildings to be brightly painted. Take a guided tour of the city centre before jumping into the mini-bus and heading for a swim stop on an Albanian beach. After the beach we head to Berat, a UNESCO-protected, Ottoman-Turkish flavour of the east and our home for the night. Tour the citadel (entry €3 - payable locally), high atop the town.

Monday: Berat - Saranda

It’s time to feast your eyes on the Albanian Coast, a place the New York Times named its number 4 place to visit in 2014. Climb over the mountains and take in the spectacular views of miles upon miles of coastline. Your guide will stop at a beach for you to enjoy a few beach cocktails, go for a swim and enjoy some of Europe’s best and most undiscovered beaches. Spend the night on the coast in Saranda, with the island of Corfu's lights twinkling across the sea.

Tuesday: Saranda

You’ve got a full day to explore this seaside town, and we’re sure to give you plenty of options. First, we’ll be happy to give you a lift to the port where you can catch a ferry to Corfu for a day trip. Second, hop on board the bus with your Med Experience guide and we’ll take you to historic Butrint, and ancient Roman ruin just 20 kilometres outside of Saranda.

Wednesday: Saranda - Meteora - Kalambaka

Meet your Med Experience tour manager in the morning at head for Greek border! Make your way through the stunning and underappreciated Greek countryside as you make your way to Meteora. Tour one of the cliff-top monasteries and hike around to one of the hundreds of beautiful view points. Climb back on board the coach and make your way to Kalambaka, the village that sits tucked just underneath the six monasteries of Meteora.

Thursday: Kalambaka – Delphi – Athens

Head into the mountains of Greece, discovering remote villages as you traverse the winding roads and mountains on your way to the Oracle at Delphi. Once you arrive, an expert Greek historian will guide you through history and the ruins for two hours. Climb back on board the coach and make your way to Athens, where you’ll say goodbye to your group. Heading onto our Greek Islands trip? We drop you off at the starting point for the next tour!


While our accommodation is subject to change, it will always be in clean, air conditioned facilities easily accessible to town. Please see below for information on each of our Greek accommodations. Private upgrades are available. If you're sharing your private room with a travel mate, the upgrade is £8 per person/per night. If you'd like a private to yourself, the private room is £15 per night.


Hotel Kosta Famissi

This family owned hotel sits just beneath the stunning cliffs of Meteora. Walk out the door and head down the town's main drag for a great selection of restaurants, souvlaki shops and cocktail bars. Breakfast provided.


Mario Royal Resort Hotel

Saranda is all about the coastline, and our hotel sits within walking distance of the restaurants and nightclubs that have dance floors flush against the sea. The hotel features en suite rooms with stunning views of the Albanian Coast and Corfu. Breakfast provided.


Gega Hotel

Your Berat accommodation is in the heart of this Albanian village. Walk out the door and get a stunning view of the Castle and make sure to take advantage of the village's restaurants - small towns like Berat provide amazing and authentic food for a stunningly low price.


Propaganda Hotel

Sleep in style in the heart of Albania's bustling capital. This air conditioned hotel is in walking distance to Tirana's nightlife. Breakfast provided.


Athens International Youth Hostel - Athens
16 Viktoros Hugo Street
104 38 Athens

Your tour starts or finishes here and isn’t included in the cost of the tour, but if you're looking for pre- or post- accommodation, the most convenient option is Athens International Youth Hostel. Located in the heart of Athens just off Metaxourghio Square, this hostel is easily accessible from Athens Airport via train. Each room is named after a different Greek destination, so you'll get a preview of what's to come! Breakfast provided.

Gruz Harbour - Dubrovnik

Your tour starts or ends in the evening at Dubrovnik’s Gruz Harbour and doesn't include accommodation in Dubrovnik. We recommend Fresh* Sheets Hostel (, Old Town Hostel (, Hotel Petka ( and Dubrovnik Backpackers' Club ( Don't let the fun stop here - hop on our Bosnia Adventure Tour ( or Croatia Sailing ( trips in Dubrovnik and continue your endless summer.


What sets Croatia and Greece Bus apart?

For years, our customers have complained about the difficulty of getting between Athens and Dubrovnik. They would spend hundreds of pounds to spend two or three days on a ferry or in air travel to get there and never see the outside of an airplane or ferry boat. Meanwhile, some of Europe's best kept secrets are along this route. The bus brings you to fascinating locations for a fraction of the price of a flight or ferry between Athens and Dubrovnik.

What money should I bring?

Ah, the joys of Eastern Europe. Your guide will help you tackle the challenge of changing between Euros (Greece and Montenegro), Kuna (Croatia) and Leks (Albania). While the exchange can give you a brain freeze, it also brings you some of the great budget options for meals, drinks and souvenirs.

When and where do your tours start?

Check in for the Athens to Dubrovnik route is from 7:30am - 8am with departure promptly at 8am at the Athens International Hostel.
Departure for the Dubrovnik to Athens route is promptly at 9am from Gruz Harbour in Dubrovnik. Directions to your exact location will be noted in an email you receive prior to your departure..

When and where do your tours end?

The Dubrovnik to Athens is scheduled to arrive to the Athens International Hostel at 7pm, while the Athens to Dubrovnik route finishes at 7pm in Dubrovnik's Gruz Harbour. Since traffic can be unpredictable, we advise you to book your own room in Athens or Dubrovnik for the final evening of your tour.

What happens if I miss the departure?

You'll need to catch up with the group via public transit. We'll provide the phone number for your tour manager, so give them a ring and start making your way to the first night's accommodation. The first night of the Dubrovnik to Athens route is spent in Tirana, Albania. The first night of the Athens to Dubrovnik route is spent in Kalambaka, Greece.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

We stay in 2 and 3 star hotel and hostels throughout the trip in shared, dormintory-style rooms. Private upgrades are available for £8 per person/per night for a private for two, or £15 per night for a private for 1. Simply indicate that you'd like a private upgrade in the "notes" field of your booking enquiry.

Are you the same company as Sail Croatia?

Yes we are. Sail Croatia Cruises and Holidays, Ltd owns and operates Med Experience as well as Balkan Road Trip and Ski Sarajevo.
Sail Croatia has been operating since 2003 and today is one of the biggest and most respected tour operators in Europe.

Will I get any free time?

There's a lot of ground to cover between Dubrovnik and Athens and we'll make the most of every day, but each evening will be your own to explore the city or village you're staying in. Our knowledgeable Med Experience staff will be able bring you to the best places to eat, drink or shop – but what you do with your evenings is up to you.

What kind of people will be in my group?

While Med Experience is aimed at the 21 to 35 year old age range, the only restriction we enforce is not to allow under-18s on our trips. We find most of our clients are a mix of couples, groups and solo travellers with ages ranging from 20s to 40s. Most are from English-speaking countries, although in past years we’ve welcomed passengers from Brazil, Spain, Malaysia, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Lithuania. While ages and backgrounds differ, we find most of our clients are young-at-heart travellers with who are looking for a unique way to experience The Med.

Do I need a visa?

Visas are not required by citizens of the EU, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada for Albania. Croatia Montenegro and Greece are in the EU, so you will require a suitable EU/Schengen area visa to enter those countries.
Croatia is scheduled to join the EU in July 2013, so please check how this affects you.
Citizens from South Africa require visas for all of the countries covered by Balkan Road Trips, including a schengen visa for Slovenia, Greece and most likely Croatia after July 2013.

Where should I stay after my trips ends in Athens?

Our top recommendation is to hop on our Greek Islands or Croatia Yachting trips, but if you're looking to spend some more time in Athens, we can recommend:

Students and Travellers Inn

Athens International Hostel


Croatia & Greece Road Trip

Dubrovnik - Athens

Athens - Dubrovnik

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