Backpacking Europe On A Budget!

We all love to travel, but making our money last abroad is never an easy task! Cue our guide to help your pennies and adventures stretch a little further this summer!

Take advantage of mid-week flights

Mid-week flights are significantly more affordable than arriving or departing from a city on a weekend, or either side of a weekend.

Tour companies are catching onto this trend and have started offering organised tours that take advantage of these cheaper flights, beginning and ending mid-week.

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Stay in hostels

The humble hostel is usually the cheapest option for accommodation and is more often than not a fun & social way to travel!

Hostels throughout Europe are, generally speaking, safe and clean accommodation options that attract people from all walks of life.

They will often have a bar and/or restaurant that offers guests discounts on food and drinks, providing another cost-saving benefit and opportunity to make friends with fellow travellers!

Whilst they may not be for everyone, hostels are a cheap & cheerful way to travel for the cost-savvy traveller! 

Join an organised tour

Organised tours are an efficient and often affordable way to travel through multiple destinations.

They ensure you see the highlights of every location and usually have an experienced tour guide available to answer any of your questions and give you a rundown on the history of the location.

Tour companies such as Med Experience have been through these destinations hundreds of times before and therefore can point you in the direction of the cheapest and most authentic places to eat, drink and experience the local way of life.

By pre-booking and paying for a tour before you get to your destination you have more time to save for your spending money and don’t have to worry about paying for essentials when you arrive.

Sign up to newsletters

Whilst we all want to avoid spam emails, signing up to the newsletters of travel companies can be a great way to be kept in the loop about upcoming sales, discounts and offers!

By registering to receive these newsletters you’ll be the first to know about discounted travel & special promotions! 

Eat & drink local

We believe immersing yourself in all aspects of local culture is what travelling is all about!

In most capital cities you’ll stumble across your everyday Starbucks or McDonald’s, however we beg you to steer off the beaten track and try something new!

Not only is eating local a good way to experience the culture of each destination and broaden your horizons, but it is also much more affordable than eating at chain restaurants!