Why we Love Sharing Local Experiences with Worldly Travellers

Tapping into culture and traditions is one of the most exciting elements of discovering a new destination. Our guests are made up of worldly travellers who value experiences over material things and live for authentic adventures.

A new connection made with nothing but facial expressions and hand gestures, the look on a travellers face when they take a bite of their first burek (a traditional Balkan pastry), or a sudden realisation of how much history the cobblestones under foot hold; these are the moments that make it all worthwhile!

Experiencing New Cultures

Culture is a funny one; it’s hard to pinpoint its exact origin, difficult to describe & impossible to attach to a tangible quality. It underpins the way a city operates, the vibe it emits and the qualities of the people that live there.

Our Greek Island Hopping and Sail Greece Tours take you into the heart of historic towns and seaside communities that have been living in a certain way for thousands of years.

Our local connection of business owners, chefs, history buffs and musicians, ensure our guests are able to experience the local culture and an authentic way of life.

Hidden Photo Opportunities

Having local guides mean the secrets of each destination are unlocked! Looking for an insta worthy picture at the top of Ios? Your guide will let you know that if you hike to the top of Panagia Gremiotissa, you’ll get the best views overlooking Chora.

In a short amount of time, your guide will become the brains behind the most epic Instagram pictures you’ve ever posted!

Local Guides

Authentic experiences become tenfold when we throw our local guides into the mix! Our guides are often from the very destinations your visiting, meaning they have insiders knowledge on historical events and hidden alleyways that are pathways to fresh produce, the best local restaurants and handmade boutiques.

After all, these connections are generally someone your guide has gone to school with, their aunties, neighbours’ son, or their friend, whose family has been making gelato for generations.

Looking for a local experience? Look no further than Med Experience!