7 days onboard your yacht will have you downing rum like a pirate and partying until the wee hours of the morning!

Hangovers are a thing of the past at sea, and are nothing a plunge into the refreshing water won’t cure. After all, you’ll need to be ready for round 2, 3 or 4!

If you plan on partying like a sailor throughout your days on the high seas, then you might want to give this blog a read. Below we’ve listed our top tips and recommendations to make sure you won’t be back onboard before the clock strikes twelve.

Cribs... Yacht Style

Your home for the week is 43 foot long, meaning there’s plenty of room on your yacht for activities! For some, deck space means time to sunbathe under the warm Croatian sun, occasionally dipping into the water to cool off. For others, deck space means cards on the top deck, drinking games and a whole heap of antics to get the party started before you’ve even hit the shore!

Another huge advantage on Sail Croatia’s Under 39’s Yacht Tour is that you can bring your own food and drinks onboard. Homemade mojitos? Watermelon cocktails? The self contained kitchen ensures you can whip up whatever your heart desires onboard! Make sure you don’t leave home without a pack of cards to make the most of your new home on the Adriatic Sea.

Under 39's Yacht Tour, Sail Croatia

Yacht Parties

House parties are so 2017… but have you ever heard of a yacht party? Think flowing rum, bikinis and swan dives, and you’ve got a sneak peak into the Brugal Rum party! Everyone who joins Sail Croatia’s Under 39’s Yacht Tour will receive a Brugal Rum care package, complete with enough rum to keep you going for the day, cups to drink out of, a hat to keep you sun-smart (heat stroke is never cool!), and a whole bunch of other goodies!

You’ll anchor in a pristine bay with the other yachts in your flotilla and spend the day the best way we know how: drinking rum, on a yacht, in the middle of the sea.

Disclaimer: You might make it home before midnight tonight 🤣

Yacht party in Croatia

Argh, Me Hearties!

Makarska is famous for it’s pirate/sailor dress up night which sees hundreds of Med Experience and Sail Croatia guests don their best pirate tattoos, sailor stripes, eye patches and fake parrots!

After spending hours onboard swilling rum like the pirate you are, make your way to Club Deep; a nightclub that sits on the water’s edge and is built into the rock face….

Yep, you read that correctly, Club Deep is a nightclub inside a cave!

Club Deep with Sail Croatia

Wine Tasting

Stari Grad sits on a UNESCO World Heritage listed plain – one of the oldest examples of ancient agriculture in Europe! Ancient agriculture means very old vines, and ridiculously good wine!

Life at sea can be tough (think sea water showers, and lazy days… tough huh!), so you deserve to treat yo’self. Rally the crew, scrub yourselves up and get ready for a sophisticated afternoon of wine tasting on the Stari Grad plain!

Stari Grad Wine Tasting, Sail Croatia

Party Playground: Hvar

Hvar is a playground for those who love to party. Start your afternoon off at Hula Hula Bar and nab the perfect vantage point to watch the sunset (with a giant cocktail in hand, of course). A short stroll from here you’ll find Nautica Bar, serving up delicious cocktails and tunes that make you want to party! As the night carries on you have a multitude of nightclubs and bars to venture to!

Check out Pink Champagne Club, where the entry is via an oversized lift that resembles a lounge room, or take a taxi boat over to Carpe Diem island, a nightclub famous for playing drum & bass and house music until the early hours of the morning!

Hula Hula Bar, Hvar
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