Greek Island Hopping

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Greek Island Hopping

9 days from




Let the Greek Islands take your breath away as you uncover the secrets of this amazing country. Sip wine on Santorini as you watch magical sunsets, stumble home in Ios at sunrise, cruise around the bluest water you’ve ever seen in Paros and get lost in the cobblestone streets of Mykonos, dancing until dawn! It’s all part of our 9 or 11 day Greek Island Hopping adventures for under 39's! Eat incredible food, make new friends and lose yourself in everything Greek! Your Local Tour Manager will organise everything for you, so all that’s left for you to do is let the beauty of Greece captivate you! From just £76 per day, our Greek Island Hopping Tour is amazing value for budget savvy travellers!

4.9/5 from 374 ratings
“One of the best experiences EVER! If you're thinking about booking a trip with Med Experience, DO IT!”
- Caitlin, 27th August.



11 DAY Athens Return

11 Day Greek Island Hopping 11 Day Greek Island Hopping
DAY 1 | Start | Overnight Flag Bed

Meet your group at 3:30pm for your Welcome Meeting at the Exarchion Hotel. Here you’ll meet your Tour Manager & fellow travellers to get a feel for what’s in store for the rest of the week. Your adventure begins! Don’t forget that today you have your included free Walking Tour at 4:30pm to experience both historical and modern day Athens. Spend your evening getting to know your fellow travellers or exploring the unique and interesting Exarchia area; a cultural hub of live music, street art and delicious local cafes!

Included Extras:

  • Meet Athens Tour

Accommodation: Exarchion Hotel

DAY 2 | Overnight Stay Bed

Your Greek Island Hopping adventure begins as you watch the beautiful sunrise from the back of a ferry departing Athens. This afternoon check into your accommodation before joining your Tour Manager and group for dinner at a restaurant overlooking the crater of Santorini’s volcano, the perfect spot to take in an incredible sunset! Explore Fira Town at night as you meander around the white buildings and cobblestone streets, stepping inside hole in the wall bars and clubs with your group to kick off your first night in the beautiful Greek Islands!

DAY 3 | Overnight Stay Bed

Pinch yourself! You’re in one of the most famous and most visited islands in Europe! Get ready to experience magic moments and breathtaking views! Join our Optional Excursion where you’ll hike with your co-travellers to the famous village of Oia, taste authentic gyros and take a dip at the famous Black Beach! In the evening you’ll have the chance to taste the local wines of Santorini in one of the most famous wineries on the island.

Optional Extra:

Accommodation: Santorini Camping, Fira Town (You’re not camping, don’t worry!)

DAY 4 | Overnight Stay Bed

Discover the most eclectic and crazy town the Greek Islands has to offer - Ios! This island’s main town is filled with small bars each carrying a unique theme. Join your Tour Manager as they take you on a pub crawl you won’t remember! Visit the infamous Slammer Bar, where ‘slammer shots’ are a lot less scary than they seem! Attempt as many bars as possible and try not to get lost in the chaotic streets of Ios - your mission is to make it to sunrise after ending your night at the legendary Irish nightclub!

DAY 5 | Overnight Stay Bed

Spend the day relaxing on the beach, reading your book or exploring the island! This afternoon join our optional Speedboat Safari excursion to explore hidden caves and snorkel in the Mediterranean Sea! There is also the option to participate in watersports on this excursion for the adrenaline junkies in the group! After a day in the sun and Sea, you’ll soon see why the stunning sandy beaches of Ios are so famous!

Optional Extra:

Accommodation: Sunrise Hotel

DAY 6 | Overnight Stay Bed

Today we head to Paros, another beauty of the Greek Islands offering a cultural experience for you to discover. Stroll the main promenade and spend time relaxing on this beautiful island. Wander the twisting alleyways filled with boutique shops and grab some of the best ice-cream the Greek Islands have to offer! Tonight a must-do is our optional Greek Night! This is your chance to experience what it is like to be Greek; sampling Greek cuisine, taking part in Greek dancing, and drinking Ouzo like a Greek!

DAY 7 | Overnight Stay Bed

Today you’ll get the opportunity to speak and interact with local people, learning more about life in Paros! Join us on our unique boating excursion for the day exploring Paros and Antiparos from the sea! Tonight you’ll meet up with everyone for relaxing drinks by the sea, taking in another famous Greek sunset!

Optional Extra:

Accommodation: Polos Hotel

DAY 8 | Overnight Stay Bed

Today’s destination is the windy island of Mykonos! Grab some lunch and get ready for the afternoon party at GuapaLoca beach bar with some incredible salsa dancing hosts! Staying at Paradise Beach means that there are different parties that you can join, some of them with famous DJ’s playing on your doorstep throughout the summer. Start your night with the epic paint party! Cover yourself in glow-in-the dark paint patterns and dance the night away at an outdoor beachside bar!

DAY 9 | Overnight Stay Bed

Enjoy your last full day on the islands by exploring Paradise Beach and indulging in the resort style surroundings. After the afternoon beach party we’ll catch the bus into Chora Town and wander the winding streets -just try to remember your way out of the chaotic pirate town. We’ll dine in the Paraportiani area, before we explore the nightlife in Chora Town. Head back to Paradise Beach for the ultimate send off - one more epic party!

Accommodation: Paradise Resort – Paradise Beach Mykonos

DAY 10 | Overnight Stay Bed

We farewell the islands and make our way back to the mainland for your last night of the tour! Enjoy one last dinner with your new friends at a local Greek tavern.

Accommodation: Exarchion Hotel

DAY 11 | Finish Flag

Your Greek Island Hopping tour finishes when you check-out of the hotel at approximately 10am. Say goodbye to your new friends and reminisce on the past 11 incredible days! Your Tour Manager will be around to help you out if you have any questions about onward travel arrangements.




Rated 4.9/5 based on 374 reviews
“I had a great time with Med Experience. Tasos was an awesome tour guide and he would always do his best to ensure we were looked after and saw as much of the Greek Islands as possible. He is very passionate about his job which made it even better.This tour was also great value for money. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see what Greece has to offer.”
- Megan, Australia
“Our guide Denis "the menace" made our trip absolutely unforgettable. He was incredibly knowledgeable and organized and an absolute blast to hang out with. It didn't feel like a tour, but just like friends hanging out...and one knew more about everything than the rest of us. It was great to see so many countries and incredibly convenient as well. 10/10 do recommend. Denis is a fantastic guide, professional but so much fun as well! Miss the group already!”
- Brenly, Australia.



Local tour manager
ferry tickets
shared, airconditioned accomodation
parties and pub crawls
local discounts
port transfers
possible twin room upgrades
orientation walks
Breakfast Daily
Local Athens Tour
(11 Day Tour only)
Overnight Accommodation Tax


11 DAY Athens Return

Please Note: Prices are subject to change regularly in line with demand for our tours.
Departures Prices
1-Jun-2019 £769
3-Jun-2019 £769
5-Jun-2019 £769
7-Jun-2019 £769
9-Jun-2019 £769
11-Jun-2019 £819
13-Jun-2019 £769
15-Jun-2019 £849
17-Jun-2019 £849
19-Jun-2019 £799
21-Jun-2019 £849
23-Jun-2019 £899
25-Jun-2019 £999
27-Jun-2019 £949
29-Jun-2019 £949
1-Jul-2019 £949
3-Jul-2019 £949
5-Jul-2019 £949
7-Jul-2019 £949
9-Jul-2019 £949
11-Jul-2019 £999
13-Jul-2019 £999
15-Jul-2019 £949
17-Jul-2019 £949
19-Jul-2019 £949
21-Jul-2019 £949
23-Jul-2019 £999
25-Jul-2019 £949
27-Jul-2019 £949
29-Jul-2019 £949
31-Jul-2019 £949
2-Aug-2019 £949
4-Aug-2019 £949
6-Aug-2019 £949
8-Aug-2019 £949
10-Aug-2019 £999
12-Aug-2019 £949
14-Aug-2019 £949
16-Aug-2019 £949
18-Aug-2019 £949
20-Aug-2019 £899
22-Aug-2019 £899
24-Aug-2019 £899
26-Aug-2019 £899
28-Aug-2019 £899
30-Aug-2019 £899
1-Sep-2019 £899
3-Sep-2019 £869
5-Sep-2019 £869
7-Sep-2019 £869
9-Sep-2019 £869
11-Sep-2019 £869
13-Sep-2019 £869
*Please note: prices are subject to change regularly in line with demand for our tours.
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9 Day Itinerary - all departures (+£80pp)
11 Day Itinerary - all departures (+£100pp)

If you prefer a little more privacy when you travel, you can easily upgrade to a private twin-share room on your Greek Island Hopping Tour! Accommodation providers at each destination have limited twin-share rooms available and are happy to accommodate you in a slightly more spacious and private room, perfect for couples or friends travelling together.

How to book:

Simply mention ‘Twin Room Upgrade’ in the Additional Information section of your enquiry and our reservations team will look into availability for you.





We are a small family-owned and operated company that’s highest priority is you, our guests! We have established relationships with local suppliers so you are receiving an authentic Greek experience. We also take care of all the work for you, so unlike other Greek Island tours which require you to book your own rooms or sleep in tents, all our accommodations are in 2 and 3 star hostels and hotels which provide air conditioning and comfort during those warm summer evenings in Greece. We also arrange all of your ferry tickets, removing the risk of cancellations, strikes and inclement weather ruining your holidays.

We're a family-owned company that utilises locally run accommodation providers for our tours. We have positive relationships with our suppliers and avoid the need for large profit margins. Additionally, we do not provide commission to travel agents, enabling us to provide amazing value for money to our clients

A basic continental breakfast is included every morning with your Greek Island Hopping tour. Lunch, dinner and snacks are not included, as this is another way we save on costs by allowing you to spend as much as you like on food and drinks, and try authentic local cuisine. Your friendly tour manager will of course recommend places to eat and drink!

Our Greek island Hopping Tour is not a cruise, you travel between the islands via public ferries and stay in hostels or small hotels on each island and on the mainland.

Greece uses the Euro and is a part of the European Union as well as the Schengen region. There are plenty of ATM’s in Greece to get cash out as well as exchange offices.

We take care of all of the details for you. Meet your tour manager in Athens or Santorini on your first night to hear the details of which ferries you'll be taking and the timings for all arrangements. We book the ferries as close to departure as possible to ensure you are getting the best available ferry and to take into consideration any foreseeable strikes or disruptions! We also arrange for all transfers between the ports and accommodation.

The tours are designed for 18-39 year old travellers, so a mixture of this age range will be on the tour with you. We find that most of our clients are a mix of couples, groups and solo travellers. All travellers must be 18 years of age when the tour commences.

If you're looking to spend some more time in Athens, we can recommend the Exarchion Hotel.

The tour officially starts at 3:30pm with the Welcome Meeting at Exarchion hotel on the first day. You can check-in to the hotel any time during this day. Just have in mind that your room might be ready after 2pm. The tour ends back at the Exarchion Hotel where you spend the last night of the tour which will finish when you check-out of the hostel the following day. Due to the possibility of delays to the ferry, we strongly recommend against booking onward travel on the night you return to Athens (day 10 of the tour).

The tour officially starts at 5.30pm with the Welcome Meeting at Santorini Camping on the first day. You can check-in to your accommodation at any time during this day. Just have in mind that your room might be ready after 2pm. The tour ends at check out from Paradise Beach Club (Mykonos) at 12pm.

We stay in shared dorm style rooms throughout the trip, although it is possible to book a private twin share room by contacting our Reservations Department. Shared accommodation will be in dorms of no more than 6 people and will include guests of mixed gender. Please note that accommodation providers may occasionally allocate private twin rooms locally due to capacity restriction’s, however this is not guaranteed and is out of Med Experience’s control.
Further information can be found here.

*Please note that accommodation is subject to change. Alternative accommodation provided will be of the same or higher standard.


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