Visa Specifics

If you’re joining us on a Med Experience tour and you hold a passport to one of the following countries you won’t need a special visa for our destination countries.
United Kingdom | United States | Canada | Any European Union or E.E.A. country | Australia | New Zealand

All of the countries Med Experience travels to are in the European Union except for Albania and Montenegro so at most border crossings you won’t even need to stop to get your passport stamped.

If you’re a permanent resident of a country not on the above list (including South Africa), you’ll need to consult the Foreign Affairs Ministries of the countries you’re travelling to in order to see if a visa is required.

The process of getting a tourist visa is generally quite straightforward and we are yet to have a situation where a passenger has been refused a visa - although we understand the process of applying in South Africa for a Croatian visa has become more stringent, so please allow plenty of time and consult with the Croatian Embassy for more information.

Once we have confirmed your booking with us and a deposit or full payment has been made, we will issue you a confirmation invoice which outlines your booking with Med Experience and can act as proof of intent to visit as a tourist when applying for a visa.

Please consult Visa HQ for more detailed information about visa requirements for all the countries Med Experience travels to.