Want to experience the summer of a lifetime?

How would you like to travel some of Greece’s hottest destinations for a summer – and get paid for it? Now you have your chance with Med Experience.

Med Experience specialises in tours for 18 to 39-year olds in Greece. We’re hiring for our Greek Island Hopping tours.

This job may sound too good to be true (and at times it is), but with great reward comes great responsibility. You will lead groups of up to 30 people on pub crawls, through crowded ferry ports and on orientation walks. You need to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer the phone. You may need to respond to emergency situations. You need to ensure your group is having the holiday of a lifetime while maintaining a professional demeanour at all times.

As you might imagine, the role is highly competitive and we’re looking for someone with just the right mixture of enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. It will help to have a good working knowledge of the countries we go to and it is essential that you have a passion for travel and want to share that with the world.

Our season runs from June through to September. Successful candidates will be invited onto a training trip (Normally in March, April, May) which will take them to all our destinations. By design, our training trip is very intensive in order to best prepare candidates for the demands of the job. To ensure all our candidates are fully committed to completing a season, you will be paid for the training course but this will be paid to you after the successful completion of the season.

Key Requirements

  • Maintain excellent relationships with local suppliers, communicating any issues that arise to the operational manager
  • Lead groups throughout their tour on orientation walks, dinners and pub crawls that can stretch to the early hours of the morning
  • Organize and collect monies for variety of land-based excursions.
  • Maintain a professional appearance and demeanour with customers at all times.
  • Keep meticulous records of expenses and incident reports
  • Speak in front of the entire group to convey practical plans, directions and historical context of the area.
  • Be the kind of person our customers want to travel with. We’re looking for someone who will add to the group dynamic and make everyone in the group feel welcome.
  • Ability to deal with emergency situations
  • Willingness to work long hours and share living space with co-workers
  • Availability to work without interruption from June through September
  • Serve as primary liaison between the clients and the office, addressing customer concerns and taking immediate action to follow-up
  • Excellent communication with the Med Experience country manager
  • Legal right to work in the EU (European work permits are accepted)
  • Fluent in English and Greek


  • Competitive pay
  • Explore some of the most beautiful destinations in Europe in a fun work environment
  • Living and transport expenses paid for throughout the season

Submit your cover letter and CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note: we are only accepting applications for Greek Island Hopping Tour Managers that have a comprehensive understanding of both the Greek and English language.