The Greek Islands are a gateway to cocktails, culture, blue & white rooftops and enough painted skies to satisfy even the biggest sunset junkies. We’ve put together our insiders guide, featuring highlights of the Greek Islands to get your planning well underway (as if you haven’t already scouted Instagram for inspiration!).

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Never has a location been more perfect for sunset scouting!

Whether perched high above the Aegean Sea in a whitewashed building sipping a cocktail or watching the sun dip into the sea from a winery atop the Caldera, you’re in for an epic sunset.

Hues of orange, pink and purple transform the sky into the most perfect backdrop! Santorini sunsets have been named some of the most spectacular in the world, and we wouldn’t say we disagree!

Due to its stunning scenery, Santorini is also said to be one of the most romantic Greek Islands– so don’t be surprised if your sky show is interrupted with a wedding or proposal!

Santorini Sunset


Cocktail lovers and those impartial to a good boogie will rejoice on the island of Ios! An all night pub crawl through the island’s many cocktail bars, live music venues and nightclubs will soon turn your love of sunsets into sunrises as you dance the night away!

Our top tip is to climb the hill just before sunrise and be rewarded by watching the island’s many whitewashed buildings bask in the orange glow of dawn.

Slammer bar, Ios


If you didn’t smash plates, learn to Greek dance or enjoy traditional Greek food, did you really go to the Greek Islands?

Eating delicious Greek cuisine is a must on the island of Paros, where seafood is caught and eaten fresh and cocktails are swapped for homemade ouzo! Greek dancing is surprisingly easy to pick up and a whole lot of fun, so make sure you let yourself go and get into the Greek culture!

Greek Salid on a Med Experience Greek Island Hopping tour


A mojito in one hand and a camera in the other, taking in another beautiful sunset from the beach! We can’t think of many scenarios that trump this one!

Paradise Beach Club invents some seriously delicious cocktails that can be sipped in the beachside outdoor bar or ordered take away to enjoy on the beach!

In the evenings this place turns into a paint party, where fluorescent paint glows on bodies everywhere and dance moves are a plenty! We’re not sure if it’s the cocktails, but our dance moves always seem to significantly improve in Mykonos!

Greek Island Hopping Party, Mykonos


Welcome to Exarchia! A cultural hub where you’ll find the youth of Athens hitting up the most delicious and affordable tavernas, checking out record stores or hanging out in Exarchia Square playing chess, chatting or busking.

This place is buzzing with bars, live music and graffiti clad walls. After an hour getting lost in the backstreets of Athens, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling as though you’re in New York or Berlin!

For the culture curious, this area will give you a feel for the real way of life in Athens. Make sure you spend your afternoon people watching with a cocktail in hand and letting your inner anarchist fall in love with Greece! What’s even better, is that accommodation on our Greek Island Hopping tour is just around the corner from Exarchia Square and features a roof garden with epic views of the surrounding city and sunset!

Athens view!
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