If you like to party then Greece is the place to be…

Do you like to party? Well, pack your bags, the Greek islands are calling! Here are 10 reasons why the Greek Islands are for you!

1. Because you willingly ask to get hit over the head with a rubber mallet at the Slammer Bar

2. Because you love being within arms reach of superstar DJ’s

3. Because you do shots

4. Like, a lot of shots

5. Because you’re not shy of pulling an ‘all-nighter’

6. Because the thought of partying on the beach in Mykonos makes you ridiculously excited

7. Because you know that 'hair of the dog' and beach therapy make the ultimate hangover cure

The Greek Islands aren’t all party party party though. We also…

8. Daily swim stops

9. Tubing in Mykonos

10. Dreamy sunsets in Santorini

Our Greek Island Hopping tour offers 11 days of island hopping between the best of Greek island culture, beautiful beaches and epic nightlife. Whatever your fancy, this tour has it all: relaxation, partying, socialising, culture, beautiful beaches and more.

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