It’s difficult to pick the best of the Med, considering the region is brimming with historical sites and remains abundant with beautiful beaches and enchanting National Parks. If you're unsure where to start, be sure to add these epic experiences to your bucket list!

Step back in Time on Vis Island

Vis, an island on the Croatian coast, is one of the most outlying islands in Dalmatia. The country is steeped in hundreds of years of military history, being a strategic military post during the second World War, and a slowly emerging tourist destination today. Due to its military position, this little gem of an island has only recently been open to tourism, ensuring it still boasts a traditional way of life, quaint cobbled stone streets and the freshest seafood you’ll find in the Med!

If you’re after adventure, then jump on a military tour and explore military tunnels, underwater submarine tunnels, a former RAF airport, and the highest peak over the island that served as a lookout during military times.

Vis Island, Sail Croatia

Uncover Albania’s Breathtaking Coastline

Have you ever imagined what the beaches in Spain or Greece looked like without the hoards of people and build up of shops, apartments and cafes? Well, we think Albania’s breathtaking coastline would be pretty close!

White beaches, crystal clear water, stunning cliffs and very few people along the coast, are all waiting for you throughout this beautiful Balkan country. Combine this with winding roads boasting epic coastal views and local culture aplenty, and you’ve got elements of Albania that we want to sing about from the rooftops!

Like all hidden gems, you won’t remain the only human on Albanian beaches forever, so whatever you do, make sure you explore this beautiful corner of Eastern Europe ASAP!

Albania, travel Europe on a Budget

Explore the Croatian National Parks

Step into the magical world of Croatia’s National Parks! Croatia boasts a ridiculously large amount of protected areas, including 19 National Parks and Nature Parks. Perhaps the most famous, and our personal favourites, are Krka National Park and Plitvice National Park.

Krka National Park is a must – see throughout the summer months, where a series of 12 waterfalls cascade down to a calm natural pool, that is perfect to take a dip in!

Whilst you can’t swim in Plitvice Lakes, it is equally impressive, with 16 terraced lakes and an abundance of waterfalls.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to explore these beautiful destinations and get there early to avoid the crowds!

Sail Croatia excursion to Krka National Park

Discover hidden cliffs & beaches in Ios

Limestone cliffs and azure waters await you on the island of Ios! After a short ride on a speed boat, you can be whisked away from the main tourist strip and straight to a private beach with cliffs to jump off and crystal clear water to discover!

Ios is beautiful at the best of times, but having a beach all to yourself is something pretty special!

If you’re headed to the Greek Islands, be sure to explore Ios beyond face value!

Greek Island Hopping

The Mediterranean may be the hottest destination to visit right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get off the beaten track and discover destinations and experiences that remain epic, authentic and beautiful.

For those who adventure comes naturally to, you’re in for a treat in the Med!

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