We know that you love to travel, and we understand that you’re on a budget, which is exactly why we aim to make travelling as affordable as possible!

Here’s 4 reasons why Med Experience tours are so much cheaper than other tour companies:

1. We are a family-run company that has established long-term personal relationships with many local suppliers across Greece and the islands – allowing us to keep prices as low as possible.

2. We minimise food inclusions, with most of our tours only catering for breakfast . We understand that everyone has different tastes and budgets, we we’ve designed it so that you can experience the local food and drink at your own leisure and within your budget. Of course, we have our local guides on hand to recommend the best, local, cuisine!

3. We choose to work with smaller accommodation providers that have a lower base rate and provide a more personalised experience for our guests.

4. We sell direct through our experienced Sales Team, meaning there’s no agent fees when you book with us. Our tours start from £72 per day – making it fantastic value for money.

Jump on one of our tours now and discover something unique with Med Experience.

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