What does travel mean to you? To us it means embracing a new culture through seeing, living and breathing everything about it, and arguably the most important element of that is food! Most of us will immediately think of gyros, calamari or feta when we think of Greek food, but the sweeter side of this nation's cuisine is not something to be missed! Ignite your taste buds and launch into a gastronomic journey with these must try dessert locations in Athens!


Brimming with freshly baked cookies, and a famous lemon pie, Exharia strikes again with I Cake You. Enjoy a never ending list of milkshake flavours and breakfast cereals from around the world in an eclectically designed venue.


For a Greek take on the famous French macaron, Lonis’ soft almond base macarons are filled with their irresistibly fluffy and rich cream. With over 15 flavours to devour, honorable mentions are Mastiha, Rose and Apple-Cinnamon.


You know a place is going to be good if it’s bringing people from all around the city. Kokkion was popularised by word of mouth attracting ice cream enthusiasts to taste the myriad of captivating flavours. That was all it took for this place to boom because this ice cream speaks for itself. In the line up there’s clementine-ginger sorbet and chocolate-passionfruit to name a few!


Influenced by Italian desserts, Le Greche was born to bring Greeks unfathomably fresh gelato thanks to the passionate owner. This legendary woman made eating gelato in Greek winter fashionable - the real OG influencer. No complaints from us! If your gelato quota is up (we have some questions for you) you can enjoy other Italian style desserts including their decadent cannolis. Winning!


Set in the city center, Sorolop is famous for their fluffy profiteroles with freshly made cream, tailor made for you. Also worth mentioning are their Tsoureki bread, prepared traditionally and made fresh daily, as well as their homemade icecreams.

Athens is a portal into another world, whether that be through to history, landmarks or even through food. Find the hidden spots and little shops, and you’ll see Greek food in a whole new light. When you’re in Athens next, don’t pass up visiting some of these famous dessert locations!

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