It has been said that Greece has some of the best parties in Europe. To prove this theory, we've dug out the best places to party as you hop around the Greek Islands!

Beaches, pools, nightclubs and bars form the backdrop for some of the best parties on the Greek Islands in some of the most idyllic surroundings in the world!

Don’t just take our word for it… take a quick glimpse into the nightlife in the Greek Islands!

Paradise Beach Club

Paradise Beach Club plays host to world famous DJ’s, artists and body paint parties throughout the summer months.

With onsite accommodation, it’s only a quick stumble away from your bed, ensuring the lure to party is never far away! The stunning Paradise Beach is just a stone’s throw away, allowing you to laze by the sea during the day and spend the evenings at one of the coolest nightclubs in the Mediterranean.

Paradise beach Club

Guapaloca - Mykonos

Located on the waterfront of one of the most famous beaches in the world, Guapaloca hosts some of worlds best beach parties! Whether it’s day or night, Guapaloca is always in full swing. Their full range of labels will not disappoint you, nor will their cocktail menu!

Guapaloca, Mykonos

Far Out Beach Club

Far Out Beach Club is home to one of the craziest pool parties you’ll find in the Northern Hemisphere. Think bikinis, cocktails, DJ’s, palm trees and pools and you’ll be somewhat prepared for what is in store!

If you’re after a slightly more chilled out vibe you can head down to the beach side cabanas where there’s always someone playing volleyball with a beer in hand! Day or Night, it’s your ultimate destination in Ios!

Far Out Beach Club

Ios Bar Crawl

With dozens of bars of bars and nightclubs squeezed into the main town of Ios it’s hard to simply pick one!

For the craziest night out in the Greek Islands you must take part in the infamous Ios Bar Crawl!

The night clubs in Ios each have different themes, from bars specializing in Slammer Shots, to circus performances, 60s themed venues and those featuring live music… there really is something for everyone in Ios!

Although you may literally be crawling at the end of it, the sunrise if truly something spectacular and is definitely worth the hype!

Ios Bar Crawl

Exarchia Area, Greece

If grungy, underground bars oozing character and charm sound like a great night out to you, then you’ll love the Exarchia area in Athens! Infamous for its history of rioting and anarchists, this area has revamped its image and has morphed into an eclectic night spot teeming with young people!

The Exarchia area boasts incredible street art, an abundance of live music venues and cheap tavernas, attracting interesting characters from all walks of life!

Exarchia Area, Greece
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