Med Experience Tour Representatives love leading groups of travel addicts through the Greek Islands! However, it’s not all cocktails in Santorini, partying in Ios and lazing on the beaches of Mykonos.

Your guide, Christina

We’ve brought in our wonderful Med Experience Tour Representative, Christina, to dish out the gossip from the Greek Islands and provide an insight into what it’s like to lead 30 rowdy travellers through some of the most epic European destinations, across 11 days!

Christina, tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Christina and I was born in Athens, Greece, 28 years ago.

I’ve studied Greek Literature and have a Master’s Degree in Ancient History. I started working with Med Experience back in 2016.

I loved the idea of travelling and meeting people from every corner of the planet, I went through interviews and training and… here I am!

What is the best part about being a Greek Island Hopping Tour Representative?

Aw, do I have to pick just one? Well, the best part is travelling around and meeting new people!

As a Rep, it looks like I’m doing the same thing again and again –which I am actually, but every time is different, because the people I meet are always different and this is what colours my experience!

Med Experience group in Santorini

What is the funniest thing that a guest has done whilst on one of your tours?

I don’t know where to start – when there is alcohol involved guests do funny things!

I once had a guest that would fall asleep every time he had 3 or 4 beers – he fell asleep anywhere and everywhere, no matter what the situation!

I remember we were on the Paros Boat Trip and I looked over to where he was standing looking pensive. We thought he was just watching everyone swim and jump from the boat, but he had actually fallen asleep in this position!

He would even sleep on the narrow streets of Mykonos, every time we had a quick stop to take photos! What a legend!

Santorini with a view

Where’s your favourite place to take Med Experience guests?

All of the Greek islands have something unique to offer; they’re all different. Santorini is romantic and offers amazing and breathtaking views, Ios is the ultimate party island, Paros is a traditional island, and then you’ve got the celebrity spotting island… which is MYKONOS!

If I had to pick one, I would go for Ios! The vibe and different types of partying are unique and it also has its own traditional products, like xinotyri, (a type of white cheese –not feta, don’t get confused!) which I love!

Ios Slammer Bar

Can you let us in on a local secret about Greece?

I’m an Athenian, so I know all of the best places to visit in my city! My little local secret is Sounio, which is located a 40-minute drive from Athens.

It’s a unique place, filled with secluded beaches and cliffs that resemble the Cycladic islands; plus, I am a history lover, so every time I go there I can’t stop admiring the famous Temple of Poseidon.

Paros boat tour excursion, Med Experience

As a travel enthusiast, where’s next on your bucket list?

Australia! I’ve met so many people from all over the world and each one of them has an amazing story from their hometown to share!

It intrigues me to visit these places and experience the whole thing by myself!

Med Experience group in Paros

And finally, what’s your number one tip for those heading to Europe this summer?

Get to the Greek Islands, meet the locals and eat as much souvlaki as you can!

I think Greece has something for every one. Ancient history fans will fall in love with Athens, those who seek relaxation and sunshine will have the time of their lives in all of the Greek Islands and the party animals will not stop dancing in Ios and Mykonos!

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