Here's our top picks of the essentials required when sailing through the Ionian Islands!

If you’re setting off on a yacht through the Greek islands this summer you’re in for the trip of a lifetime!

We bet you’re counting down the days, setting your desktop screen-saver to pictures of yachts and telling everyone you meet about your next adventure!

The only issue now is what to bring with you!

The most important thing to remember when packing is that the cabin on your yacht won’t be overly large, so it is best to keep your luggage to a minimum.

Here are our top picks of essential items you should bring with you if you’re sailing the Greek Islands!

1. Passport


You won’t be able to leave your country of origin or enter Greece without it, so this item is a necessity!

It is also worth checking the visa requirements of your country of origin prior to departure to make sure you don’t have any issues when entering the country.

2. Waterproof Camera

Under 39,s Yacht Tour, Sail Croatia

The Greek islands are truly beautiful! Turquoise waters, sandy beaches, medieval style towns & some of the most incredible sunsets you’ll ever see will make up your everyday routine!

You’ll want to capture all of these memories so that you can brag about your holiday of a lifetime to your friends and family! As you will predominantly be based on the Ionian Sea we highly recommend bringing a waterproof camera or water-tight case!

3. Sunscreen

Under 39,s Yacht Tour, Sail Croatia

You’ll be spending a lot of your time on the deck of your yacht and in the crystal clear water, which means the chances of getting sunburnt are quite high!

There is nothing worse than looking like a lobster and feeling uncomfortable!

We suggest bringing SPF 30+ sunscreen with you as purchasing sunscreen in Greece can often be expensive!

4. Local Currency

Local Currency

The currency of Greece is the Euro.

There are plenty of exchange offices and ATM’s available to change or withdraw local currency once you arrive at the airport, ferry terminal or bus station.

Make sure you don’t leave it until you get to Corfu to exchange your cash or you could be stuck without any local currency!

5. Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable Clothing

The weather in the Greek Islands is warm, particularly if you are travelling through the peak of summer.

In the name of staying comfortable, we recommend bringing a few casual, lightweight outfits that can be thrown on over bathers, a jacket for the cooler evenings and something a little nicer to wear out to dinner or a nightclub.

If you’re interested in experiencing more of the Mediterranean, why not try Sail Croatia’s Under 39 Yacht Tours too?!

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