Solo travel doesn't have to be a daunting experience! Apart from being good for the soul, there's so many additional reasons for travellers to hit the road on their own! Cue, Med to feed your wanderlust and encourage you to take the plunge! Below are our favourite reasons to travel solo.

Solo Travellers Make Lifelong Friends

Making lifelong friends may seem a little cliche, but you’ll soon learn why! Along the way, you’ll meet like-minded travellers who are different from anyone you’ve ever met. They’re open minded, easy going and fun.

They’re the ones who are keen to explore with you, split the cost of renting a car for the day, or sit down for a local meal together.

Connecting with other solo travellers is a lot easier thanks to hostels, tour groups and activities such as pub crawls or walking tours! Opportunities to make friends are everywhere if you’re willing to put yourself out there!

If the idea of solo travel is a little daunting, why not try a small group tour (like our Greek Island Hopping), and ease into the solo travel lifestyle!

Med Experience in Ios
Paros boat trip excursion

You’ll Learn so Much About Yourself

Who knew you could coordinate so many maps, hostel reservations and Trip Advisor reviews at once! All hail the new logistics King (or Queen)!

You’ll quickly discover how to operate your selfie stick, learn to say no (or yes!) and build your confidence along the way.

The view from the top, Ios

Flexibility = Freedom

How many times have you travelled with friends, only to get home and realise you never actually experienced what you set out to? Solo travellers have one itinerary and one set of ‘must-see’ places to tick off their list, meaning you’ll return home satisfied from your experiences.

Our favourite bit about travelling solo is that you CAN change your plans at the last minute. Found a hidden gem on the Croatian coastline? Met some locals you want to explore downtown Athens with? There’s no one to consult before you make your decision, you’ll simply update your flexible itinerary and be on your way!

Ahhh, the dream!

You’ll be Forced to Integrate

Integrating with the local community and culture is one of the best ways to have an authentic experience in your new destination. Whilst exploring the cobbled-stone streets and taking in the views on your own is amazing, you’ll be more open to chat and connect with local people along the way.

When you’ve got no one else to worry about, you’re a little more open to trying new things and getting pulled into a dance party in the middle of the street is just a part of everyday life as a solo traveller.

Traditional Greek dancing with Med Experience

Say 'Adios' to your Comfort Zone

Travelling alone forces you to leap out of your comfort zone and socialise, explore and try new things. You’ll learn to love getting lost and exploring on your own as you wave your comfort zone goodbye.

This type of bravado is seldom found in those who travel in large groups, and is appreciated by fellow solo travellers who can spot you from a mile away! By leaving your comfort zone, you become vulnerable, and often connect with people on a whole new level!

Greek Salid in Santorin
Sail Croatia Under 39's Yacht Tour

Become more aware of the world around you, have incredible experiences and expand your horizons as a solo traveller.

Armed with your common sense, a long bucket list and an invigorated soul, you’re ready to conquer anything!

Why not join one of our Greek Island Hopping Tours and kick off your solo travel journey!

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