Here it is- our ultimate European bucket list of the top 5 things and must-see places we want to get to before we 'kick the bucket'.

Experience Krka National Park

You simply can’t head to Croatia and not experience Krka National Park!

Although Croatia is home to eight stunning National Parks, we think Krka would have to be our favourite!

Boasting not one, but seven impressive waterfalls, a clear, natural pool of water to plunge into, monasteries, churches and walking trails in abundance, it’s not hard to see why Krka National Park takes the crown of National Parks in Croatia!

Experience Krka National Park

Sail the Greek Islands on your very own yacht

Is there anything more exclusive than grabbing a bunch of friends and hiring your own yacht to sail around the Greek Islands on?

Nope- we didn’t think so either!

Boasting some of the most beautiful towns along the Ionian coastline, Greece is the place to be this summer! Combine these insta-worthy towns with secluded bays only accessible via yacht and you have yourself the perfect itinerary!

If you don’t do anything else this summer, make sure you tick this one off the list!

Dive off Mostar’s Stari Most

Standing an impressive 24 meters above the freezing river below is the stunning Stari Most, a reconstruction of the original 16th century bridge that was destroyed during the Balkan War.

It’s tradition for boys to jump from the top of the bridge to prove their transition into manhood. Travellers are also able to partake in this age old tradition, being taken through a series of practice dives to perfect your form prior to the big jump!

Dive off Mostar’s Stari Most

Go white water rafting

There are some rivers throughout Eastern Europe that are so well structured you’d be forgiven for thinking they were purpose made for rafting!

The Neretva River, Bosnia and the Cetina River, Croatia are prime examples of perfect rafting locations.

Take in the breathtaking scenery as you glide through the water at the start your rafting experience.

It’s easy to forget that this is the calm before the storm…rocks, rapids, whitewash and waterfalls await!

Grab some friends and jump into a rubber raft armed with a plastic paddle to steer you clear of the rocks jutting out of the surface- the ultimate adrenaline rush!

Survive a pub crawl in Ios

It’s a difficult feat, considering there are literally dozens of bars, pubs and clubs crammed into the main town in Ios. Spend your evening hopping between local favourites or try one of the new bars that are constantly popping up- there is something to suit everyone’s tastes here!

Get lost through the winding streets and try your very best to stay up until sunrise, we guarantee seeing it will be worth it!

Survive a pub crawl in Ios
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