Greece…a land of winding cobblestone streets, blue & white buildings and a history of gods, goddesses and mythical creatures! If you’re checking a trip to Greece off your bucket list this summer, this is the perfect guide for those not to be missed places!

1. Visit Meteora

Before you venture into the well worn tourist trail of Athens and onto the Greek Islands, make sure you take some time to visit Meteora.

Meteora is an extraordinary World Heritage site, combining of six monasteries built on top of natural sandstone rock pillars. It’s not difficult to see why this ‘wow’ destination will stop you in your tracks as you take it all in!

The monasteries have an average elevation of approximately 313 meters, meaning that you will be able to take some stunning Instaworthy shots out across the rolling landscapes!

Sunset over Meteora

2. Explore Ancient Athens

Although often overlooked as people scurry straight to the picturesque Greek islands, Athens is a city with a fascinating history – providing the perfect blend of old and new and is considered to be the place that nurtured Western civilization thousands of years ago.

Visitors can spend hours exploring the remains of the Pantheon and Acropolis, the home of Greek Mythology and the very first Olympic games.

You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported back to the times of olive branch headbands and leather strap sandals in no time.

Athens, Greece
Athens ancient ruins

3. Do a ‘Slammer Shot’ in Ios

The idea of slamming a fire extinguisher, skateboard or milk crate into your head may not sound appealing at first, but once you pluck up the courage to give it a try, you certainly won’t regret it!

The fizz in the mystery shot is activated once it’s shaken, meaning a slammer shot is an experience for all of the senses!

Oh and don’t worry, you are of course wearing a helmet!

Ios nightlife

4. Smash plates and eat Greek in Paros

Make sure you spend at least one of your nights immersing yourself in the local Greek culture!

Spend an evening linking arms with new-found friends, Greek dancing, smashing plates and eating the most tender octopus you’ll find in Europe!

Enjoying the culture of Greece
Mykonos sunset

5. Get lost in Mykonos!

Whitewashed cobblestone streets make up the twisting alleyways throughout Mykonos.

You can spend hours meandering through the alleys, stopping at eclectic shops & restaurants at every turn and uncovering breathtaking secluded beaches!

Often referred to as the ‘Island of the Winds’, Mykonos is a hot spot for windsurfing and water sports including scuba diving, boat tours and fishing!

Be sure to visit the famous Mykonos Windmills at sunset for the best views looking out over the Mediterranean Sea and Little Venice, an 18th century district boasting waterfront balconies that come in every color of the rainbow!

Mykonos windmills

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