When to pack your bags and head to the Greek Islands is an age-old question, that depends on what you want out of your dream holiday to Greece. Are you looking for golden beaches, historical sites, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, or partying with a zest only the Greek Islands can provide? You’ll be pleased to know that the Greek Islands have something for everyone, and below is all you need to know for the best time to go!


If your number one priority when visiting Greece is to dance until dawn, splash around at a wild pool party, see world-famous DJs, or to go on the biggest pub crawls imaginable, the best time for you to jump on our Greek Island Hopping Tour is June through to September. June sees the official start of the high season in the Greek Islands, when the clubs are pumping at full capacity and the beaches are sprawled with recovering travellers. Partying in June or September also often means wrangling free entry; the clubs and bars will still have plenty of revellers, but it’s not the craziness of July and August. If you are planning on island-hopping to these ultimate party destinations in July and August you can expect packed bars and epic nights out with travellers from all over the world.

Making Cocktails in Greece
Med Experience Beach Party

Exploring Ancient Greece

If your ideal day involves taking your time to explore ancient towns, museums and ruins, so epic they have to be seen to be believed, shoulder season is the ideal time. This is early June, and late September, as you’ll beat the heat and the crowds. The maximum daily temperatures are a lot more bearable than at the height of summer, especially when out and about during the day. Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos are iconic locations that attract visitors all year-round, but by travelling shoulder season you may even be lucky enough to get that perfect photo with only you in the shot.

Average Air Temperature in Greece

Average Air Temperature in Greece


Greece is home to world-renowned cuisine, and the UNESCO recognised traditions and methods of the ‘Mediterranean Diet’. Summer months of June through to September offer the finest cuisine in the Greek Islands, with freshly caught seafood, homemade cheese and local wine being staples at almost every taverna you pass. Many islands have day trips available to smaller islands, such as Antiparos and Antipaxos, where picnics onboard are the perfect Greek way to enjoy lunch at sea. On our Greek Island Hopping Tour you’re able to experience lunch at Sea on the Paros Day Trip. The warmer months of July and August provide the ultimate al fresco dining experience, especially as pop-up restaurants open up right along popular beaches throughout the Greek Islands. Authentic tavernas can be found tucked down alleyways, set on waterfronts and even on rooftop terraces, complete with wooden furniture and checkered tablecloths for a true Greek experience. While the cooler winter months see many of the island restaurants go into hibernation, in cities that never sleep, such as Athens, you can always rely on the thriving coffee culture and deliciously sweet pastries served down grungy streets in surprisingly cosmopolitan cafes.

Traditional Greek Lunch
Traditional Greek Kebab


Greece offers a plethora of ways to relax, and the charm of this beautiful country ensures it can be done all year round, including in peak season! Even at the height of summer, island paradises such as Paros provide relief from the craziness of neighbouring islands. For a more relaxing holiday, with dwindling crowds and calmer vibes, September is the best time to enjoy hopping the Greek Islands. Daily temperatures can still reach a beautiful warmth and drop down to a comfortable 20 degrees which makes for a welcomed change after a warmer day. Enjoy this relaxing atmosphere on our Greek Island Odyssey Tour.

Greek Island Sea temperatures in April to October
Relaxing in the sea
Relaxing on a Yacht

Island Towns

A Greek island hopping holiday is the ultimate way to see the beauty and hidden gems of Greece whilst enjoying relaxation, exploration, cuisine and the occasional party on each new island. Temperatures will hit their highest in August, but don’t be surprised that throughout June and July these months bring balmy nights where island towns become your oyster. Choose whether to learn to dance like the Greeks, party at seafront tavernas with like minded travellers, or simply wander the streets embracing Greece at night - whatever you choose, Greece is yours to explore.

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