By definition, Odyssey is a long wandering journey or voyage that brings upon many fortunes. Discover Greece in a way like never before and become enlightened with all of the hidden beauties this historic country has to offer. .

New to Med Experience, the Greek Island Odyssey is an experience like no other. Bringing in the ideal balance of sightseeing, exploring, relaxing and socialising, take on this new adventure with like-minded travellers all whilst hopping your way through some of the most beautiful spots, islands and towns Greece has to offer.

Famously known for their high winds, no doubt thanks to Poseidon, your journey of a lifetime coasts through the Aegean Sea by ferry to travel between the islands, ensuring the safest and fastest way to navigate to your next destinations. With overflowing Greek activities, accomodation is set on land so travellers can experience the true and authentic Greek lifestyle by being in the heart of the town, feeling like a real Greek local. This guarantees that all your experiences will be truly unique to you as you embark on your Odyssey journey.

Not sure what to expect? We’re giving you an insight into the locations you’ll visit on your 8 day journey through the Greek Islands! This adventure begins in the iconic hub of Athens and will take you on a journey through the fishing villages of Paros, the stunning island Naxos as well as the quintessential Santorini.


Kicking off the week-long journey, your tour starts in Athens. At the hands of a professional Tour Guide, your first induction to Greece is none other than the Acropolis itself. Prepare to see the architectural phenomenons in this ancient citadel featuring the iconic Parthenon temple. Overlooking the city of Athens, this bucket-list destination is a UNESCO World Heritage site which is a reminder of Greece’s rich history and the importance of preserving that history. Finishing off with an included dinner, it’s time to become acquainted with the other travellers on your tour.


Jumping straight into your tour, day 2 travels to the charming island of Paros. Known for being one of the most picturesque islands of Greece, this 4000BC year old island is the third largest amongst the Cyclades and where you will get to explore the villages of Parikia, Lefkes, Prodromos and Aliki over a two night stay. Enjoy a scenic boat trip around the island, where you can swim and participate in watersports amongst the clearest blue waters you will find in Europe.


Next is Naxos! Home to some of Greece’s most famous beaches including Agios Georgios, Agios Prokopios & Agios Anna, your afternoon can be spent lounging or swimming in these lush spots. A visit to the Portara will also take place in Naxos. This unfinished temple for Apollo overlooks on a small promontory and is especially spectacular during Noxos’ breathtaking sunsets - which are famed in their own right. Known for being quite mountainous, Naxos is famous for its numerous Venetian towers, the Bazeos tower and ancient Greek ruins some of the locations you’ll be able to discover on our included Naxos Explorer Tour


Set your sights on the stunning Santorini for the last leg of your Odyssey adventure. Santorini is synonymous with Greek travel and a destination you must experience! During your 3 day visit, explore Fira town and the village Oia, glide into the Caldera to witness the naturally formed heart shaped rock created by volcanic magma for some phenomenal photo opportunities. Finish with swimming at the iconic Perissa beach - or commonly known as the black sand beach, before heading to dinner in Fira and watching Santorini’s finest sunsets blanket behind the domes of blue roofs and white architecture.

Explore the hidden streets, city eats and become experts in Greek culture - all whilst making your way from island to island. An unmissable experience, the Greek Island Odyssey is your answer to exploring Greece in a unique way. Med Experience guarantees that locals are your main source of insider information where you can uncover Greece like one of its own. If you’re looking to visit the Greek Islands on your own rather than on an organised tour, a Greek Island hopping travel guide is a great place to start!

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